Cindy Clark
Cindy was born in Rochester, New York; however, she grew up in Fort Collins, Colorado. She met her husband, Mark, during her college years in “Fort Fun” when his family moved in down the street. Cindy was fortunate to have a career with Colorado State University, and also experience the joy of being a stay-at-home mom to son, Jason. Volunteering throughout his school years, sports, and boy scouts was always an adventure! Life adventures and new opportunities continue in beautiful Steamboat Springs. A quilting interest came later in life, with the guidance and skills from her mother-in-law. A love of knitting came even later, after she taught herself how to knit. Today, Cindy strives to learn new skills with each new project. “I love when a new-to-knitting person comes into the store, and I can help answer their questions and provide guidance for their projects!”